Shaw Modular Tile

Texan Floor Service installed over 108,000 square feet of Shaw Modular tile at the Deer Park refinery administration building. Texan thinks safety and quality on each and every project. We Thank our Labor Superintendent Ricky Gaia and our crew members picture attached, for an outstanding job

Texan Floor was Recognized by Shell Deer Park Facility

This week’s Shell Deer Park Empowerment moment goes to the entire Texan Flooring team.

I want to start off by thanking this team for showing a great attitude, throughout the whole project. We all know this project had many obstacles since the beginning. From working in a fully occupied building, to working abnormal hours. This team always took every situation and managed it to the best of their abilities. The client could be happier with the turnout of the project. Texan Flooring successfully adapted and completed over 3,800 safe working man hours with zero loss time. This speaks greatly to Texan Flooring’s commitment to safety.

I just wanted to take a moment and recognize this team, for their great effort.

Jeff Hill congratulating the crew leader and his wife on the Shell oil project for a job well done.
Ricky Gaia is Texan Floor Job Superintendent for all floor projects